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Weighing in on Latkes

You want to make latkes? You grate an onion and potatoes on an Acme Safety Grater (the use of the word “safety” being one of the crueler ironies of the 1930s)…


Great coffee as a force for peace in the world

This is a little of what I was going for with yesterday’s post.

Another thing we’ve learned is that making great coffee takes hard work, sustained over time. Coffee takes years to mature, and months to harvest, prepare, and export. Every coffee is a labor of many hands- either a number of farmers working cooperatively, or employees on a farm working together on a shared goal. Often, dry-millers and exporters are culturally and politically different than farmers, but all need to work closely together in order to do coffee well, and need to work closely and cooperatively if the coffee has any chance of being great.


For Apple, the last two weeks have been filled with praise and scrutiny. Steve Jobs was held-up as the best American business has to offer in Tuesday’s State of the Union address while the New York Times reported worrying work conditions at Chinese factories that produce Apple products. Bob speaks with Wired’s Steven Levy who says the bad news won’t immediately change public opinion of Apple.